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Loom Art

Loom Art by Aarushi Kilawat is a fashion label focused on reviving the old authentic embroidery techniques to come up with lively and upbeat motifs. Brings a fresh perspective for men and women’s wear through a range of organic textiles.



MAGA represents a beautiful image of the self which desires to drape your body, mind, and soul. Each garment is a story of individuality, comfort, sustainability, and style.

Manoviraj Khosla

Incepted in 1990, The Manoviraj Khosla brand encapsulates exclusive, chic, trendy couture and pret for both men and women. With immaculate tailoring and a firm attention to detail, the brand produces clothes for any occasion and for people from varied walks of life. The Manoviraj Khosla brand plays with an assortment of fabrics ranging from light airy fabrics like cotton, organza, silk and linen to heavier, bolder fabrics like leather, suede, wools and velvet.


Nidhi Bhandari

Nidhi Bhandari brings to footwear a savvy and inspired look. Ornate, in-vogue and customized.

Nitya Bajaj

Nitya Bajaj magnifies femininity working with fine materials, delicate embroidery with outstanding quality. She builds her fairytale creations using simple designs, precious resources, whilst, always maintaining a form of sophistication.

Other O

Shalini James is the creator of the exclusive Organic Cotton range called The Other ‘O’.

Paridhi Jaipuria

Paridhi Jaipuria is a minimalistic artisanal women’s wear label.

Rajdeep Ranawat

“Rajdeep Ranawat” is an Indian fashion label, founded by its namesake couturier Rajdeep Ranawat in Oct 2004. The label draws its direct inspiration from nature and specialises in luxury goods like haute couture, pret-a-porter, resort-wear, diffusion, among others; for both the sexes. Creating apparel that are best described as “art to wear” the label strives to incorporate high class elegance and originality to practical designs.

Rohit Kamra

Rohit Kamra brings that metro-sexual look blended with aristocratic sensibility.

Shweta Kapur

Shweta Kapur designs are minimal in their outlook. Astute designs and detailed tailoring. In every piece traditional seams and darts are manipulated to achieve a constrained distortion.


Soovos stands for versatile clothing. Clothes that can be worn to work, after work or on a Saturday night. For someone who is always on the move, style coupled with comfort is the priority. Soaves has a collection of essentials that incorporate the perfect balance of quality, design and price.


Louis Chaval

The Louis Cheval brand is a Parisian inspired contemporary mens wear label that strives for simplicity and style. The collection features a range of high quality, functional accessories that provide comfort and class for the modern man, day or night.


The Medici brand promotes tradition and value in range of Italian inspired silk neckwear that explores bold colours and classic designs for the conservative man.



Pinoti is a premium mens wear label featuring 100% pure silk neckwear that are woven and made in Italy. For over 40 years, Pinoti has embodied the Italian values of passion and style, and can only be crafted from the highest quality materials, to be worn with confidence.

Runway Nagaland

Nengneithem Hengna, an avid lover of handmade art founded Runway Nagaland in 2011 as a store to provide platform to local artisans and encourage entrepreneurship amongst the youth but her love for the art lead her to creating her own brand and one of the first to labels to take pride in being “made in Nagaland”. The label has intelligently created fusion of tribal traditional jewellery and merged it with the mainstream fashion.



Psy!! is the expression of the youth’s ever changing moods. Through its range of bags, the designer Anisha Chanda aims to make this world a more trendy place by providing these trends at your door steps. The designs and the patterns are far from conventional, they are vibrant, cool, with the zing of neon and also subdued with its pastels – the range is mind boggling .

A Destination for Happy Dressing

A Destination for Happy Dressing

for the young, happy spirited women we bring an enviable collection of trendy styles while keeping with great quality and affordability! Check out our sister brand 30Looks` the best destination for Happy Dressing

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