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The journey began with the idea to change the approach to designer or luxury fashion. Our efforts began with handpicking menswear accessories from around the world so as to make sartorial dressing more accessible to men. Our path meandered showing us the opportunity to bring on more local designer brands, which is exactly what we did.

This brings us to where we are today. 30 Shades brings together a curated portfolio of designers to give its customers a unique sense of style and touch of the extraordinary. Whether it is for a board meeting or date night, for a mehndi ceremony or a wedding, whether it is daily wear or for any particular occasion, whether it is for a holiday or at home – we’ve got you covered. If you are someone who enjoys a limitless sense of personal style, and are particular about the way you are turned out – you will love what we have for you.

We have miles to go before we reach the full extent of the dream, but the path ahead looks exciting and colourful, and we are committed towards leveraging strengths across geographies and sales channels to bring to our customers a one of a kind shopping experience.

For the happy, spirited young women we have an enviable collection of smartly priced, trendy casual and daily wear at Sass up or go casual. Treat yourself or elevate your moods with the choicest of collections starting at the shockingly low price of Rs 199 upwards. Whoever said good clothes have to cost more!!!

A Destination for Happy Dressing

A Destination for Happy Dressing

for the young, happy spirited women we bring an enviable collection of trendy styles while keeping with great quality and affordability! Check out our sister brand 30Looks` the best destination for Happy Dressing

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